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Everything You Need to Know

We are dedicated to accurately and honestly describing our advertised parts to the best of our knowledge. Because of the nature of our consignment business model, sometimes we don't know every detail about a product. That is why we've decided to include a 30 day warranty with all products listed on our website. If a part isn't as described upon incoming inspection, let us know within 30 days and we will refund you for the value of the product or send you a replacement.


It is important to understand that any part purchased without an FAA approved 8130 or yellow tag (Removed in working condition, Reported in working condition when removed, As Removed, AR) may be subject to defects and/or aesthetic imperfections. Our 30 day warranty covers any functionality issues that were not disclosed before a sale was finalized by way of a monetary refund or part replacement. We are not responsible for parts that are incorrectly ordered. Please do your research to determine if the part is right for your needs. We are here for general guidance but should not be relied upon for final purchasing decisions as we do not have all of the necessary details needed to make those decisions.

Please fill out the form below for all Warranty and Return requests. 

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