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Who We Are

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Kelsey wears many hats at Skyman but primarily focuses on avionics listings and administrative duties such as consignor payouts. Her attention to detail sets us apart from the rest. If you enjoy the informative listings and/or receiving payouts, you can thank Kelsey! If you have any questions regarding your payout, feel free to reach out to her!




It's tough to determine where Skylar's duties start and end but he primarily focuses on customer relations and social media. Skylar's experience as a private pilot and avionics technician lead him to start Skyman Avionics. He's known to answer emails and phone calls at 3 AM so don't hesitate to reach out if you have a need.




Scott is our materials guru. He handles all shipping and receiving as well as making sure that the shop is stocked with all the goods that we need to operate. His love of aviation lead him to start flight training in his earlier years. More recently, he owned and operated a local shipping center before joining our team. If you ever need to check the status of your shipment, Scott is your guy.



What We Do

Skyman Avionics is your go-to resource for buying and selling used avionics. We source quality avionics from avionics shops and aircraft owners all across the US. We offer both consignment and outright purchasing options. Whether you're interested in buying or selling, we're happy to help make that happen!

Selling through our consignment program is a true “nothing to lose” situation. We take care of all of the pain staking work that comes with online selling, communicating and shipping. Your only job is to reach out, ship us your items then collect your proceeds when they sell. It's really that simple. We list items online in over 25 locations, If there's someone out there that needs your part, we'll make sure they can find it. 

We also offer travel services for avionics shops that have been collecting for years. That's right, we'll come right to you and haul it all away. Hello, clear shelf space!

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